About Us

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VERITAS VENTURES INTERNATIONAL INC. is an International Real Estate Investment and Development company focusing on Debt, Equity and JV strategies for Development, Redevelopment and Corporate Finance to achieve optimum, risk-adjusted returns. Veritas sources and acquires distressed Commercial properties, projects and Notes, remediates to add value as indicated, and then resells or holds for appreciation and cash flow.

“Distressed Assets” is a misnomer, in that the asset value has adjusted to circumstances in the market at the time, thus exposing the imbalance in the previous capital stack, created during the previous, inflated, market. Acquisition of aDistressed Asset with a new, balanced capital stack enables reintroduction of that asset to the market on a viable income producing basis.”

Investment Strategies

VERITAS VENTURES INTERNATIONAL INC. is potentially interested in any Debt, Equity or JV investment that is well conceived and timely for the area in which it is located, anywhere in the world. Our staff, affiliates and associates have demonstrated expertise in rapidly analyzing complex projects and markets.

Partners, Lenders and Funding

VERITAS VENTURES INTERNATIONAL INC. is, in all cases, the lead lender/investor and may co-invest with selected Premier Institutions, Private Equities, RIETS, and Hedge Funds, as well as directly investing Corporate and Partnership Funds.

Our Staff, Board, and Associates have very extensive and diversified international experience in all areas of the Real Estate Industry.

  • Real Estate Development, Finance & Construction.
  • Underwriting and Investment.
  • Syndication and Joint Ventures.
  • Deal Sourcing and Structuring.
  • Acquisition, Asset Management.
  • Equity Funding and Exit Strategies.
  • Commercial, Multi Family, Office, & Hotel.
  • Special Use.


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